Plotter Paper

Plotter paper for engineering and architecture applications.

The plotter paper is designed to maximize the productivity of the printer, it is manufacture with the highest quality standards to ensure the best performance.

We have plotter paper in standard sizes, and the capacity to manufacture plotter paper in special dimensions accordingly to the needs of our customers.

In addition, all our papers are manufactured with great quality and with the best winding, free of dust and lint which is essential to care for the printing equipment and maximize the potential of the equipment.

The bond paper for plotter and all our products are manufactured with raw material certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which allows the preservation and sustainable growth of forests.

We are a ISO 9001 Certified company.

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  • Special materials for xerographic copying and printing on inkjet plotters.
  • Effective cost-benefit ratio.
  • Ideal for black and white or color printings, low saturation.
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    Printing equipment
  • Xerographic Copiers
  • Inkjet Plotters
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  • Blueprints
  • Technical diagrams
  • Engineering work
  • Multilevel images
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    Available Formats
Description Wide (mts) Lenght (mts) Core
Bond Premium 75g/20lb .61/.91/1.07 50/100/150 2y3″
Bond Brite White 90g/24lb. .61/.91/1.07 50/100/150 2y3″
IBM Bond Premium . 75g/20lb .61/.91 45.7 2″
IBM Bond Premium 90g/24lb. .61/.91 45.7 2″

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