Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are ideal for applications where it’s necessary to have a continuous flow of impressions and also where the label has a determined life time.

Direct thermal labels are manufactured of materials that have a coating on the top layer, and it is reactive to the heat of a thermal head.

They are used in applications where the printing time plays a relevant role in the process and has a direct influence in the operational capacity in production and logistics areas.

The labels are made in materials that react to heat, applied by a thermal head, without the need to use a ribbon and generate line stops, or having to manage the supply of other consumables in the printing line.

We have different alternatives in materials, to adapt the labels just to your needs. (coated, high sensitivity thermal papers, white thermal films of different thicknesses and also transparent thermal films).

These labels can be manufactured in pre-printed formats such as those used in scale labels or can have a color plaster for identification.

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  • Ultra-smooth coating material to protect the head of the printer.
  • High resolution image
  • Minimum possibility of error in scanner reading
  • Special resistance options
  • Availability of pre-printing