Shrink Sleeve Labels

The shrink sleeve labels are a printed film that reacts to heat, adjusting to the irregular shape of the surrounding container enhancing the presentation of the product.

Our shrink sleeve labels are made in UV flexography in up to 8 inks to provide intense and eye-catching colors.

Ensure the impact of your product, decor your product with 360º coverage, regardless of the shape of the container.

At PCM you will find the perfect option to give your product a modern look with high definition and an exceptional finish.

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  • High visual impact
  • Exceptional finish
  • High Definition
  • Larger print space
  • Avant-garde image
  • Versatility of adaptation
  • They can include security seal
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  • PVC
  • PET-G
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    Available formats
  • Roll for automatic application
  • Manual application
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    Other Characteristics:
  • Metallic inks
  • Matte registration varnish