Die Cut Cardboard Boxes

We manufacture die cut cardboard boxes; we have a wide range of dies to work in micro-corrugated up to double corrugated.

The die cut cardboard boxes are marked with a cutting tool called die, which marks the box to make the necessary folds and create boxes of easy assembly or for special applications.

PCM has the ability to make special design packaging appropriate to the shape of your products.

We also have a design area where we can advise you on the best option to pack your product.

In addition, our testing laboratory allows us to ensure and certify the characteristics required in the box, we perform tests such as: BCT, resistance to stowage, among others.

The PCM boxes ensure the best image and the best packaging.

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  • With or without printing
  • For manual or automatic filling
  • Certified corrugated
  • Flutes C, B and E and double CB and EB
  • White or kraft
  • Sustainable, made with 100% recycled material.
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  • Faber
  • Dividers
  • Long and short dividers