Digital Labels

The first impression counts and more in a world where customers have endless options to choose from; For this purpose, digital labels printing technology is developed.

The printing of digital labels allows us to optimize productivity and print quality.

Digital labels provide great image quality, ideal for fast printing without compromising the image quality, it can also be used for low volume products and promotionals.

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  • Printing uniformity , decreasing variations of tones and registers.
  • Superior printing quality compared to Flexographic Technology reaching 1200 dpi.
  • Special for product launches to the market and / or image renewal.
  • Ideal for customers who have a wide variety of products with low or medium volumes.
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    Minimum capacity
  • Depends on the size of the label.
  • At least 5 thousands. (they can be different labels)
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    Other Characteristics
  • PAPER: Couche (semigloss), metallic paper.
  • FINISHINGS: Bright laminate, mate laminate, glossy varnish, mate varnish.
  • INKS: CMYK, white, blue station (reinforcement)